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Specification of Subject Scope: This article gives information on the Slim Fast diet, including a thorough discussion of whether it is best for you. For details on related issues, you should select from the list of additional sources, below.


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When Slim Fast started out, it was based on what seemed to be a good idea. All you needed to have a meal, was one of their shakes or meal bars. Quite fast. And by using the fun concept of having a "milkshake", the plan was a hit - at the beginning.


But upon further investigation, it was shown that this system was actually a "starvation" diet with insufficient calories. Plus, the shakes were not healthy meal substitutes - as they were initially promoted.


So does the Slim Fast plan really get you the results you want?


It's most positive aspect, is the ease with which the diet can be done. You are allowed to select the one (or two) meals per day, in which you substitute their product for your meal. So you basically wind up carrying most of your meals with you, which is very convenient.


On the other hand, there are many problems reported by people trying this diet, when they are asked does Slim Fast really work?


Hunger pangs are a constant burden on this diet plan. Also, they don't like the taste of the shakes and bars. The problem is that you are essentially eating a high-sugar boosted form of common milk. So you frequency get cravings for real food, which increase in intensity the longer you are on the diet. And of course, there is the embarrassment factor - since everyone will know you're on a diet, the moment you take a shake/bar out to eat.


Worst of all is the high price of purchasing all these artificial foods. When asking does Slim Fast really work, you must also consider how costly it is. Buying the shakes will mean spending a dollar or more - each. Substituting the recommended 2 meals a day, results in a weekly cost of up to twenty dollars. With the bars as well, that increases the weekly cost to more like 25 dollars. The result? One hundred dollars a month - that you should instead be spending on healthy food.


As well, the system fails badly when you look at the long-term results which of course, negatively affects the question does Slim Fast work. Most report that all their weight came back, as soon as they discontinued the diet.


In conclusion, the Slim Fast diet works for a limited time. The weight loss vanishes once the diet is finished, and the cost is very high! Get More Details at the list of "Supplementary Resources" above.