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Jenny Craig Food includes almost 100 pre-planned meals to choose from. A wide variety, from chef-styled entrees to favorite desserts. But will their pre-packaged meals help you get rid of that excess fat?


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Firstly, realize that when you join Jenny Craig, you automatically commit to eating their pre-packaged meals. Their diet advisor (called a "counselor") will also insist that you purchase additional groceries, according to their diet plan specifications, plus a daily multi-vitamin.


You have to buy all the packaged meals, from them. The Jenny Craig food comes in pre-measured portions and can be stored on the shelf or in the freezer. This is an advantage if you have a busy lifestyle, because your meals are ready to microwave and are ready many days in advance if you don't have time to re-stock. (For more on losing weight with a busy lifestyle, see How To Lose Weight At Home )


The actual Jenny Craig food, is low-fat and/or low-carb. Many of the meals are also higher in protein than you would eat, normally. The meal plan that accompanies the food, demands that you eat five to six times per day, which can be difficult for some people.


Keep in mind that you must supplement these purchased meals, with additional food you buy from the grocery store. These are the customary foods you expect to have to eat on a diet, like fruits, vegetables and some dairy products.


The combination of having to buy their Jenny Craig foods, plus the additional cost of their grocery food specifications, makes the Jenny Craig plan a definitely expensive one! In fact, this is the major problem with Jenny Craig, complained about by most people who have tried the diet. In addition, the fact that you can only purchase the Jenny Craig foods from them, adds to the inconvenience of using their system.


In conclusion, the Jenny Craig food works. But it is very expensive and can cost up to 200 dollars per week just for the meals. Plus the additional membership costs, extra grocery costs and even more "hidden" costs, depending upon the type of Jenny Craig plan you choose. Find Out More about Jenny Craig Foods